Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why do so many people still fuck with PewDiePie?

I don't want to spend too much time on this so let's get to it. PewDiePie, one of if not the most popular YouTuber of all time has fucked up again. This time around he just up and decided to call someone a "...fucking nigger!" during a stream last week.

Here is a clip from The Tall Black Nerd Gaming channel with a copy of the clip. If you don't want to listen to all of his commentary (but I think you should) the bit in question is at about 1:00.

This is not the first time this clown has said such stuff. Hell black people are not even the first group he has made racist remarks about.

But I think what saddens me the most is that people are lining the fuck up to defend him. Even more sad I don't think its because he's a white guy. Sure they factor in a little but I honestly think more prominent reason they are defending him is because he is a pop culture icon.

I'm seeing other YouTubers actually excusing the shit. Like actually trying to tell black people that what he said was okay because whatever reason.

I'm seeing people in comment sections sincerely trying to defend his words with everything from, "You don't even know if the other player was black" to "It's all about context!" to "It's just a word. Don't let a word affect you so much!"

I'm seeing social media blow the fuck up trying to cash in on the wave of attention to get Likes and Subs but clearly don't have anything valuable to say.

And of course there was the usual flood of people that are so desperate to come up with any excuse or reason they can to justify why white people should be able to use it. I really don't understand why people want to be able to use offensive words so badly. There are dozens of words that can be applied to any possible reason they would want to use the word nigger. In fact PDP quickly followed up by calling the person on the other end an asshole. So he knows there are other words.

It's a damn mess.

Yes while he did do an apology video I'm just not entirely convinced that he will be able to follow through on doing better. I mean if he does and cleans up his act I'll be happy to accept being proven wrong but this is not at least the third time he has said or done some racist shit

While I don't think this will be the last time we will see PDP say some nasty shit (personally I think he does this periodically for the attention because he knows and fears his fading relevance and eventual obsolescence) I do really wish this would serve a wake up call to the kind shit black people put up with. 

Maybe if some game developers start cutting their ties with people who say and do shit like that the streamers and icons would get it through their heads that that shit is not okay and saying and doing shit like that has real consequences.

Go check out TTBN Gaming over on YouTube. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Charlottesville post

My apologies to anyone hoping I would have posted on this sooner but I just couldn't quite get my mind around what happened at that rally. More importantly, I refuse to be a part of this mentality that values rushing to get content out before the smoke clears on an event just to get more clicks and views (and influence perception of the event) rather than taking the time to sit down and think about what happened.

As you most likely know now, on the weekend of August 11th, a rally named "Unite The Right" was held in Charlottesville, VA.

This rally was held by a wide mix of white nationalists, right wing supporters, and those opposed to the removal of Confederate monuments around the country.

As expected counter protesters arrived and when they clashed it eventually became violent.

By the time the smoke cleared, one woman was killed when hit by a car that was speeding away from counter protesters attacking and damaging his car, a helicopter crashed into law enforcement officers, and everyone was trying to convince the public that their spin on the weekend was really what happened.

To me, I think its all a fucking mess.

Between one side saying it was Nazis trying to start the Fourth (or whatever edition I've lost count) Reich and the other acting like poor victims trying to fight off oppression its hard to get a clear look at things.

And that is what's bothering me. There are a LOT of people hurting in this country on all sides. Race relations are a major issue that must be addressed. We have government backed monuments to people who were willing the tear the country in two over the "right" to own slaves and those that hold onto them as if their reasoning to enslave people is some high idea to hold and look up to. We have people that are willing to destroy public property and even hurt others to show that such ideas should not be tolerated.

Now, save us all the trouble of trying to call me some trumped up strawman of a centrist that is mentioning violence from the Left to justify violence from the Right. The fact that there are people that are racist, say racist things, and do racist things doesn't justify recklessly tossing the label "Nazi" at everyone you don't agree with to make it okay that they get assaulted. Not wanting violence done to people who have racist opinions does not equate to supporting racism. If you think violence is the only way to stop racism then it's probably because you haven't tried anything else; but that's another story for another day.

In regards to the monuments, while we can't go back and time and decommission them with government money, I don't think they should be destroyed. At this point I think they need to be put away in museums. Destroying them will only cause resentment and really wouldn't do any good now. Its not like the Alt Right, Nazis, white nationalists, etc... are just going to fold over and change their ways just because some statues were destroyed.

People who were there to protect those monuments and those who are doing so with racist intent need to be stopped from tearing our country apart. If they get their way, they will inevitably try to do what the South failed to do in the 1860s and at this point I wouldn't put it past them to try to reinstate slavery.

The rally in Charlottesville is a symptom of the terrible state of race relations in our country and its not going to get any better with with violence.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

So much insecurity over such a minor picture....

I know I'm a little late on this one (and look forward to more late thoughts on recent events including the Google Memo and the protest in Charlottesville) but its been swirling in my head for a while and just won't go away so here goes.

So recently Ashley Carman of The Verge expressed her confusion and dismay over her boyfriend liking an Instagram photo of a woman showing off her ass.

One question she asks is, "Is he so un-evolved that he can’t resist the allure of a butt pic?"

Well yeah that's a great way to have a conversation to gain understanding. Just insult the guy and I'm sure everything will change to just the way she likes it and her boyfriend will simply stop liking bikini booty pics.

So after deciding that her method of saving likes for, "...for people I know IRL and who I figure would derive joy out of the fact that I liked their photo." is so superior and not understanding why her boyfriend isn't evolved enough to do what she does she moves on to asking some colleagues about it.

She gets commentary from several of them but I think the ending of Kaitlyn's comment is a big clue.
"That said, your boyfriend liking this pic is a little weird, but mostly because he’s a boy. I don’t feel it’s too controversial for me to say that the rules of “Instagram creeping” are slightly different for me, a girl."
I think she has a good point. If a guy likes a pic of a woman on social media there is a tendency to assume absolute worst faith. And honestly this difference in rules is probably at the core of Ashley's supposed "confusion and dismay". She wants to hold him to a different standard because he's a guy but directly admitting it would be sexist and she wants to avoid that.

But I think Zainab really hits it home by admitting to what seems to be plain old fashioned jealousy.
I find it so Neanderthal-esque that men can’t help but have their fingers slip and double tap a big, almost naked butt. The entire concept of my boyfriend, or boyfriends in general, following random “fitness” girls and models they'll never meet irks me. When they throw them a like is when it reaches another level of dumb for me. Not because I feel threatened, but because it’s such a simple thing to not do when you have a beautiful girl right in front of you!
Yeah she doesn't feel threatened at all she just like to insult men for liking a pic, getting angry over it, and then going on about how its wrong to do it when there is a beautiful girl right in front of them.

Im gonna go ahead and say it.

Ashley is expressing a level of insecurity that if shown by a man talking about his girlfriend was liking pics of hit guys would be called all sorts of names and insults and would be dragged from one end of the net to the other over his "fragile masculinity" (which seems to be code for "Im going to insult you in order to cover up my own inadequacies).

Now that being said I don't want to follow that path and start dumping on her.

What I would like to do though is ask that if she has a problem with something her boyfriend is doing try expressing it in a manner that is not so insulting and condescending. A sure fire way to shut a guy out is start off calling him names and acting he is beneath you.

I hope Ashley gets to a place where she can openly talk about this with her boyfriend in a way that shows she is not just interested in tearing into him.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mashup August 26, 2017

Got Links?

Proof that Americans are lying about their sexual desires - Considering how sexually repressed the vast majority of Americans are it doesn't surprise me that people lie about their desires.

'If a girl can throw a punch, she can take one': Vile comments spark outrage on police Facebook page after post about domestic violence against MEN - This is a really old one but it caught my attention because of the way that a single case of a woman killed by domestic violence was used to silence the mere acknowledgement that men are abused.

WONDER WOMAN: Why the DCEU Doesn’t Need Superman - Hint: Its because the writer doesn't like the direction Superman has taken in the DCEU so far.

We’re losing a whole generation of young men to video games - A whole generation is not being lost to video games. Its being lost to a constant bombardment of how they are bad, how they are privileged, how they hurt women, and how they must change in order to make women's lives better. Maybe if someone expressed some concern for men for our own fucking sake we might give a shit in return?

Black Officer Shoots And Kills Unarmed White Woman, Now See What Happening In America - It's all fun and games until a white woman gets hurt.

on Ghostbusters and identity - To this day I still say that Ghostbusters 2016 was a casualty of identity politics. If it wasn't for people preemptively defending it by declaring that any and all criticism of it was based in misogyny it would have at worst just flown under the radar as another mediocre attempt at making a modern version of a classic film.

Washington's biggest problem isn't gridlock or wasted dollars — it's men - Because blaming all the troubles on a single demographic is a surefire way to unite everyone....

USA Today Complains About Lack of 'Women' and 'No Lead Actors of Color' in Movie 'Dunkirk' - Wait so there is a problem with a movie about white guys trying to save white guys from other white guys that are trying to kill those white guys lacking women and actors of color?

Why It's a Bad Idea to Tell Students Words Are Violence - Trying to expand the definition of a word just in order to justify actions you want to take (namely wanting to physically attack someone for saying something you don't like) will not end well.

Dang — looks like those women-only “Wonder Woman” screenings were illegal - Oh how convenient of them to wait until more than a month after Wonder Woman's theatrical run for them to finally fess up that what they did was wrong. And then have the fucking nerve to offer a DVD as some sort of half assed non-apology apology.

Why We Can’t Have the Male Pill - Along with the science I think there are cultural reasons that delay a male pill. Because if a reliable male pill came along it would give men a degree of power in reproduction that a lot of people are simply not ready for.

A Non-Feminist FAQ - Its about a year old but still worth reading. I'll warn that its a LONG read but pretty good.

THINKING STRATEGICALLY ABOUT FREE SPEECH AND VIOLENCE - We definitely have to turn back on this. People are so wrapped up in cool memes and scathing insults to justify violence against supposed Nazis that it is slowly becoming a case people getting so preoccupied with whether or not they should that they didn't stop and think about whether or not they should.

Mike Chen of the Strictly Dumpling channel on YouTube showing
off a 9 layer tower of seafood that I want really damn bad.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Mashup July 2, 2017

Got Links?

This Is What Superheroes Would Look Like With Realistic Bodies - I agree that we should be mindful of how bodies are portrayed in fiction but at the same time I am growing cautious about the concept of "realistic" bodies. Is our desire to be accepting of all bodies just going to turn into choosing one type of body over another, which was the original problem in the first place?

6 facts about American fathers - Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to count out dads as caring and effective parents?

Women’s Blog Jezebel Throws a Tantrum Over Father’s Day - When you choose to be offended and upset all the time its no wonder you're constantly upset over innocuous things. Someone at Jezebel has some serious daddy issues.

Uber makes big changes to driver pay, adds tipping option - I don't use Uber but I would have assumed that tipping options had been there from the get go.

When Feminism Complicates a Father-Daughter Relationship - Is this what happens when you can't hide behind the dictionary to protect you from criticism about your movement?

Jay Z: For Father's Day, I'm Taking On the Exploitative Bail Industry - I've heard his recent album is really awesome but take a moment to see what else he is working on.

What's The Problem With Feminism? - Here's to hoping that the ones that care for the movement for more than using it as a bludgeon against people they don't like are listening.

Finally, our policy-makers are waking up to the plight of male domestic abuse victims - I'm glad to see that this is getting much needed exposure. Seriously a lot of effort goes into silencing male victims of abuse therefore it will take a lot of effort to raise them up and support them.

Can men stop being violent? Uncoupling masculinity from the massacres. - Its AllyF. Always worth a read.

Without telling media, Arizona judge orders dozens of articles to be deleted - coughcoughfemaleprivilegecoughcough

Male Victims/Survivors - Kudos to Purdue University for this.

Mothers 'an unseen force' in 'honour' abuse - This like saying, "Unsanitary Conditions: An 'unseen force' in Civil War casualties. By that I mean anyone that knows anything about history knows that the conditions of even military hospitals were atrocious and soldiers were almost as likely to die of infections that developed after an injury as they were the injury itself. The only people who didn't know mothers acted this way are people who simply refused to acknowledge it.

Like Men - Clarissa questioning why when women commit violence it spun as women "acting like men". Its like women are equal to men in all things except the capacity to do bad.

Sad Men in Texas Host All-Male Screening as a Joke, and We’re Laughing…But Not For the Reasons They Think - Oh look now who is the whinning piss baby.

A Feminist Reviews 'The Red Pill' - A feminist that actually watched the movie and wants to talk about it in some way other than trashing it? Yeah I was shocked too.

Trained to Kill: How Four Boy Soldiers Survived Boko Haram - This must be what people mean by saying war is hell.

Men Legally Allowed to Finish Sex Even If Woman Revokes Consent, NC Law States - This is wrong no matter how you slice it.

This is YouTuber hotdamnirock doing something you don't see too often.
A black man breaking down pain and loss and how to cope.