Monday, May 22, 2017

Mashup - May 22, 2017

Got links?

Entire college cheer-leading squad suspended over mystery letter accusing them of PROSTITUTION hit back at school and claim 'false' claims have led to their harassment - Interesting how false accusations are suddenly serious business when they happen to women.....

Chechnya Reportedly Sending Gay Men To Concentration Camp - "Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has authorized a concentration camp for men suspected of being homosexuals, according to reports by human rights groups. The news comes a week after allegations officials in the region have been detaining and murdering gay men."

YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views - You may want to think twice before planning on making a living making content on YouTube.

Abduction arrest after missing mother Samantha Baldwin found - That is an awfully sympathetic way to report a woman kidnapping children.

Breaking Their Silence: Victims of Female Genital Mutilation Speak Out - This is an interesting read to get familiar with the different types of female genital cutting.

'I WAS SO ANGRY' Dad claims waiter told him it was ‘inappropriate’ to hug son in restaurant because it made other diners ‘uncomfortable’ - But sure, men have a hard time making their place in parenting because we just don't want anything to do with children and its all our fault right?

Drake Expels Male Student Despite Female Admitting She Forced Him Into Sex Act - Female student rapes male student. Male student gets expelled?

How the Roles Society Assigns Men and Women Factor Into Sexual Abuse in Schools - "The narrative is unchanging – men are stupid, uncouth, abusive, patronising, condescending, intimidating, oppressive, predatory monsters who are just occupying time before their next display of brutality. We don’t see men as individuals, we see them as one collective blight on the face of human decency."

Experience by Arbitrarily Censoring Valuable Comments - In other words its not what is being said but who is saying it that determines what comments get deleted (I'm not totally sold on the use of censorship for this context).

Middlebury Professor Apologizes To Rioters For Inviting Charles Murray - Start a riot and then get an apology as if you are the victim? Yeah I got no idea why college students are developing such a sense of entitlement these days.

Can Having Genital Preferences for Dating Mean You’re Anti-Trans? - I have to thank this article for getting me kicked out of a group on Facebook. When someone accuses you of not reading an article and upon telling them you did they respond by kicking you from the group, you're better off without that group.

Students Demand Power Over Hiring After Job Offer to "Racist" White Professor - Not no but hell now. This is a one way ticket to an environment where students get to pick and choose which ideologies they encounter in college and pretty much insulate themselves from ever coming across opposing ideas. That's a bad thing no matter how you slice it.

LAWSUIT: Cornell refused to investigate female student’s alleged rape of fraternity member - Gee a college refusing the investigate an alleged female against male rape? Maybe we'll finally hear from proponents of rape culture actually bring it up in a gender neutral manner in a context other than defending against criticisms that rape culture is pretty much limited to male against female rape.

Hyd woman kills newborn boy as she wanted daughter - Damn. Fucking horrible.

“Nasty women” and “toxic men” - I'd be more willing to believe this if it wasn't for the fact that collectively blaming men for pretty much everything bad has become a part of so many progressive and feminist frameworks.

My Mexican Husband Was Accused Of Trafficking Our Daughter On A United Flight - Again. Stuff like this keeps happening but we're supposed to believe that there are no institutional forces that negatively impact men. I'm sure so call progressives would trip over themselves to explain how this doesn't equate to sexism against a man much less men.

Report: Woman Who Murdered Her 7 Children, Niece & A Duck Will Not Be Prosecuted - Yes its Milo Y. but frankly who else is talking about this case? A man didn't do it so its not showing up much in mainstream media.

Why Feminism Could Use Some Serious Rebranding - Amen to that.

Toronto For All Ad Campaign Forces Viewers To Confront Myths About Homelessness - "Men, need support. Just don't do it anywhere near me."

Professor says she felt raped by white male student’s paper touting men’s rights - So men being treated equally is the same as raping a woman? Damn.

Bye bye, Bernie: He’s not fit to captain the Democratic ship if he can’t stop chasing the great white male - You know one of these days the Left is going to quit searching for excuses to cover up their own involvement in Clinton losing. Hopefully they do it before the 2018 elections.

Ever wonder how history would be different if Korea were unified? Cody at AltHistoryHub has 2 possible answers (What if the South took over the North and vice versa).

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Do they really want men involved?

I've had a love/hate relationship with The Good Men Project for the last year or 2. However despite the deleted comments, submissions not getting a response, and even being removed from their Facebook group under mysterious circumstances I still hang around because despite the bad there is a hell of a lot of good there.

That being said though I did come across this post, We Want Men to Talk About Sexism. I am honestly not sure if this comment will stay up so I'm putting here for prosperity. Go read the post and let it swirl around in your head and form your own opinion though.

The reason you're not seeing many men in the conversation on sexism is because you put so much effort into narrowly defining our place in it that if they don't fit said narrow role we get kicked out of it or get ignored. And what's worse instead of looking at how our prescribed role in the conversation is contributing to us getting kicked out or deciding not to participate you instead just double down on expecting us fulfill the narrow role you have set out in front of us.

The reason you're not seeing many men in the conversation on sexism is because you put so much effort into narrowly defining our place in it that if they don't fit said narrow role we get kicked out of it or get ignored. And what's worse instead of looking at how our prescribed role in the conversation is contributing to us getting kicked out or deciding not to participate you instead just double down on expecting us fulfill the narrow role you have set out in front of us.

Many men feel “attacked” when conversations are literally just talking to them about what language to use. This seems to make some men feel “excluded”, “marginalized”, “unable to participate”...
You immediately start off by putting the treatment men face while trying to participate in scare quotes to minimize the affect it has on us and create the illusion that how we are treated isn't real, in our heads, and/or in the rare example that its real its not a big deal and is likely our own fault. In short you start off by saying you don't care about how we have been treated.

We can not allow people to be sexist, but there has to be a solution that allows men to participate.
A good start. I agree that people can't be sexist but from the sentence before this it seems that male participation is quite conditional.

We need men who acknowledge that sexism does exist and that by being complacent to it, they are supporting it, much the same as racism, homophobia, or other forms of oppression.
Question. What about acknowledging sexism is a two way street?

We never want anyone to feel like they can’t participate or speak up. We want people to learn. However, sexist comments need to be checked. The problem is the manlash that transpires after being challenged about a sexist comment. Voices raise, people talk over each other, mansplaining manifests everywhere.
I think the problem is that whenever a man says something that doesn't tow the line the silencing language, insults, dismissals, and attacks come out so quick. I noticed that there is nothing here about how men are treated. Its only about how men act as if the only reason the conversation gets disrupted is because of a man. Disagree with a woman? Mansplaining. Try to bring up a male perspective? Accusations of silencing. Trying express a difference of opinion? Manlash (and I have to say this is a new one to me but it seems like I can add it to the growing list of terms that exist to gender something negative as male).

Allies have to learn how to be uncomfortable. The discomfort of being told how to be a better ally pales in comparison to actually being oppressed.
There's the divide again. Men's experiences don't matter until its time to teach them how to be better. If they get uncomfortable its for a valid reason and they have to learn how to deal with it.

Men, who are well-intended, but blind to their privilege and subject to the very patriarchal upbringing we are trying to dismantle, don’t see how sexism and misogyny are connected to the disposability of men…or to their mental health.
They probably don't see it because whenever they try to bring it up they are accused of hating women. Also once again you try to take something that is harmful to men and make it out to be a side effect of trying to harm women.

Most men who talk about sexism are already feeling uncomfortable just by having the discussion, no matter how advanced they feel their understanding is. That could be why we see the intense reactions and emotive backlash, because these men are already feeling vulnerable.
I'd say from personal experience the discomfort comes from people who are standing over us ready to attack at the slightest hint of disagreement. Because as you shown in your opining paragraph you are already in position to dismiss men's feelings in these conversations or at best just twist and reframe them as a need to learn how to be uncomfortable.

There has been ground gained in women’s rights, but we are far from stopping sexism. Trying to deny or “water down” the fact that sexism exits will not move us forward.
And acting like sexism is a one way street will continue to alienate the very people you claim to want to work with even as you appropriate our struggles for the sake of women.

We can allow for ingenuous discussions, but we do not have to tolerate deflection. Deflection takes the discussion from the real point. It is like ignoring a problem instead of trying to solve it.

We are here to try to solve sexism by stopping it, are you with us?
This is rich. I have been here for nearly 5 years but I have noticed that deflection has come to include trying to bring up male experiences with sexism in its own right or holding women responsible for their own actions.

I'm still here hoping that you will come around for the conversation you regularly claim to have.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Getting better

So today is 13th Mother's Day since my mom died.

For a while there I didn't think I would ever care about this day again but thanks to wife I've begun to warm up to it again.

Maybe this is a sign that one day I'll be able to make it through this day without a second thought about this.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Come on Shea Moisture....

Look Shea Moisture. You have had my back for the last 4 years after Soft Sheen Carson discontinued their Dandruff Solutions line. I've enjoyed your products and have fucked with you for a long time. But this shit?

I can't.

I wager you made this ad with the intention of being inclusive and wanted to promote some sense of unity.

But you dropped the ball.

Black women and men quite literally made your brand what it is today.

To have a red head lecture about their own hair difficulties and have them presented in a way that makes it sound like curly haired white women have the same hair difficulties as black women comes off as insulting.

This is a betrayal that is going to cost you dearly.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mashup - April 1, 2017

Got Links?

Woman 'trapped in loveless marriage' after judges refuse divorce - Don't be fooled by the headline. I think she should be able to leave the marriage but notice that this article almost mentions that she has cheated on her husband. She should be able to leave but she shouldn't be able to get a damn thing out of him.

Judge orders Omaha teen who threw baby out window to serve probation, live in group home - Interesting how a society that is supposedly built around oppressing women treats them so leniently for horrible crimes isn't it?

Texas High School Anatomy Teacher Accused of Improper Relationship with Student - I suppose if I had the privilege of banging one of my high school students and most likely getting off with probation I'd be smiling too.

The male suicides: how social perfectionism kills - A long but good read.

Male victims of domestic violence are being failed by the system - "Men who find themselves as victims of domestic violence are often viewed by and made to feel emasculated and weak. We are told to fight back and ridiculed for “accepting” or “allowing” the abuse. "

Maybe the Economy Isn't the Reason Why So Many American Men Aren't Working - Many experts have blamed a poor job market, but new research indicates that an overlooked cause may be poor health.

Maryland schools would teach kids that boys are presumed guilty of rape under approved bill - Yeah this is gonna go well.

This Plymouth University student is fighting for 'men's rights' - In this day and age where people are tripping over themselves to complain that men need to change and here we see efforts by men themselves to help themselves getting blocked. Its almost like men helping themselves for their own sake is an inherently bad thing.

A Northern Arizona University student lost credit on an English paper for using the word “mankind" instead of a gender-neutral alternative. - Its like a cancerous infection.

A gender gap that’s a matter of life and death - Canadian men die earlier than women, and it’s not biological. What’s behind this deadly gap, and why doesn’t anyone seem to care?

Wage Gap Myth Exposed — By Feminists - Its an oldie but since the idea of the wage gap won't die I think its still worth reading. Mind you I don't think the gap is 0. But I do think its a lot more nuanced than, "Women make 22 cents less than men for the same work."

Indian police charge 12 year old with rape for getting an 18 year old girl pregnant - This is just terrible. How can an 18 year old woman have sex with a 12 year old boy and the boy get charged with rape? Might have something to do with the fact that women's advocates protested against and defeated an attempt to make rape laws gender neutral. Its almost like they don't want women that do bad things to be held responsible for their actions....

Gender Pundit Argues Feminism Is Only Cure For Misandry; Proves The Opposite - It takes a special kind of disregard for men to say some stuff like this. She is basically using misandry to argue that misandry isn't that bad and of course fall back on "but women have it worse". This is seriously "I'm not racist thinking whites are smarter than blacks, its fact!" territory.

Be mindful of who you engage with. Sticking to your own
and preaching to your choir won't cut it.

Stay Frosty!!!